Game Introduction

  • Action

    Challenge dungeons with your friends in this multiplayer action adventure, packed with Samurai, Ninja, Dragons, and other monsters from all times and places. Battle as one of five different job types. Though you start with a basic career, you can gather EXP by clearing dungeons, raise your level, and change jobs to one of the Advanced Careers. All are way, way stronger than the Basic Careers!!

  • Simulation

    You can build facilities on Open Plots in your Home Territory or Fortresses, increase resource output, or build facilities to use in battle. Resources are essential for training your monsters and developing your country. Try to reclaim as much land as you can, and build facilities for producing Food, Wood, Stone and the like. And by developing your cities, not only can you improve your own country, but can bolster the cities of friends in your alliance greatly.

    Strengthen yourself with alliances to progress through the game with ease!

  • War Section

    Take over territory by forming Monster Units. Factors such as card parameters, unit size, and skills decide victory and defeat, letting you enjoy deep gameplay. First, make some monster card combinations. Once you've formed your units, you can deploy them into battle. Upon defeating the enemy's Lord in a card battle, you can occupy the enemy alliance's territory.

    Access special dungeons by occupying towers controlled by monsters in the field! Create the strongest units you can, and conquer the ultimate tower, Debris Tower!!

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Character Introduction

At the start of the game, the player can choose between 5 Basic Careers: Fencer, Wizard, Cleric, Samurai or Ninja. Each Job is unique, and has a specific fighting style and skill set, so you can choose a Job that complements your play style! You can also gain EXP and move on to a Advanced Career by leveling up!
There are 13 jobs for the Advanced Careers, each with far greater power levels than the Basic Careers.

Upgrade to an Advanced Career, and conquer even more dungeons!

  • Magic Cannoneer

    An elite gun corps led by Nobunaga! An exhilarating Advanced Career that can take out enemies from afar with powerful ranged attacks.

    While they have strong Attack, they have no automatic SP restoration, requiring you to reload with the R button to recover SP. Also, in order to evade attacks, you must use a skill such as "Avoid Shellfire" which uses SP.

    While controlling units, managing SP and mastering reload timing is harder than other jobs, when used properly they have a overwhelming destructive force that can be a huge help in clearing a dungeon.

    In order to change Jobs to the Magic Cannoneer, you must meet very specific requirements. Be ready for a rigorous challenge!

  • Blade Enchantress

    Masters of both magic and swordsmanship.

    They carry a special sword that can accumulate magic, and fight by infusing their swords with their own magic. Depending on the type of magic stored, a wide variety of added effects can be used. They can also attack enemies from a distance by releasing magic.

    They have a diverse fighting style, and are all-around fighters.

  • Rune Master

    Although they excel in using Light magic for restorative and defensive skills, they can also use a variety of magic symbols to handle offensive magics. They are experts at using a wide variety of magic types.

    By carving magic symbols in the air or ground, they can invoke various wide range magic and stationary magic. They have many skills to disrupt enemies, as well as skills to support allies.

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Monster Introduction

  • Beasts(Basic Races)

    The most basic race.
    It is made up of monsters like wolves, bats, snakes and scorpions.
    Recruit and soldier maintenance costs are both very low, and they are a very easy race to manage.
    Their Speed and Siege and both relatively easy to raise, and their ability to occupy distant areas is convenient, but their basic Stats are lower than other races.
    They excel in the early/mid game.

  • Demihumans(Basic Races)

    They are a balanced race.
    They are made up of monsters like Goblins, Lizardmen, and Tengu.
    Parameters outside of Intelligence increase well, so they can fit into a variety of units.
    While easy to handle, only a few of the monsters can raise their Intelligence well, so it is very important to manage Skills correctly.

  • Undead(Basic Races)

    This race excels at attacking.
    They are made up of monsters like Skeletons, Zombies, and Vampires.
    In addition to their Attack, Intelligence, and Skill might being easy to raise, there are many with Attack skills.
    If you can get a Preemptive Strike they are very strong, but their Defense is difficult to raise, making their soldiers easy to defeat.

  • Spirits(Basic Races)

    They are a race that excels in Defense.
    They are made up of the spirits of nature.
    In addition to being able to easily raise Defense, Intelligence and Skill might, many of the monsters have guard and restoration skills.
    They have the advantage of being able to advance without losing many soldiers, but Speed does not increase for many of the monsters, leaving them susceptible to Preemptive Strikes.

  • Mercenaries(Basic Races)

    Full of variations in their ability trends, they are a unique Race made up of free units.
    Though there are many unique monsters, their Siege is generally low.
    A lot of food is required to recruit them, but for their cost they are extremely adept at destroying enemies.

  • Giants(Advanced Races)

    A Race specializing in sieging.
    They are made up of monsters like Minotaur and Golem.
    Their recruit cost and maintenance cost is higher than most basic races, but they are a strong Race with overall high parameters.
    Their Attack, Defense and Siege are easily raised, making them indispensable for sieging enemy bases.
    Their normal attacks are powerful, but their Intelligence is difficult to raise, so it is difficult to release the maximum power of their skills.

  • Demons(Advanced Races)

    A race specializing in Attack.
    They are made up of monsters like Demons and Devils.
    Their recruit cost and maintenance cost is higher than most basic races, but they are a strong Race with overall high parameters.
    Their Attack, Intelligence, and Speed are easily raised, and they possess many Attack Skills, thus they boast the strongest destructive power.
    However, since Defense does not rise for many of the monsters, their soldiers can be defeated easily.

  • Samurai(Advanced Races)

    A Race that excels at both offense and defense.
    They are made up of people from the Warring States period.
    Their recruit cost and maintenance cost is higher than most basic races, but they are a strong Race with overall high parameters.
    They don't have the raw power of other advanced races, but they have a mixture of well-balanced monsters and monsters who excel at specific things. Plus, unit configurations are very flexible.

  • Knights(Advanced Races)

    An advanced, balance-type race.
    Not only are their initial stats higher than other races, their potential for raising stats is very high.
    Their Intelligence and Defense are particularly easy for them to raise.
    Their recruit and maintenance costs, however, are much higher than other races.

  • Dragons(Advanced Races)

    Praised as the strongest monsters out of all of the advanced races.
    Not only are their basic early parameters high, but their potential to raise parameters is top class as well.
    Above all else, their Attack and Defense are a cut above the other monsters.
    Their recruit and maintenance costs, however, are way higher than other races.
    They have extremely powerful skills in proportion with their rarity, and you can expect great things from their power in battle.

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